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MIND how you birth
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Supporting Women and Families face to face in Cheshire or anywhere via online sessions. 

Hypnobirthing is a unique approach to birth preparation.  Alongside the usual antenatal courses, hypnobirthing supports your conscious and subconscious mind prepare for birth, releasing any fears you may have. As your Hypnobirthing Coach,  I guide you through the birth process, as well as coaching you through some hypnobirthing relaxations and hypnosis sessions to help you mentally prepare for the birth, developing a sense of security and control.

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All About MIND how you birth

My Story

 I am a secondary teacher based in Cheshire, and have a passion for teaching and learning and have used hypnotherapy myself and meditation to improve my life. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and used hypnobirthing methods in both my pregnancies and births giving me a special experience and happy memories. I decided to set up MIND how you birth as my fantastic and happy experiences made me passionate about supporting mums through their pregnancies to birth, and beyond if they wish. Having heard some horror stories and the impact your birth can have on you, I strongly believe that your mind plays a crucial role in your experience and can unlock a positive experience no matter what type of birth you have.

Coming soon

A group session for couples at the end of October. More information coming soon... 

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One to one sessions

A complete antenatal course which covers the birth process alongside what hypnobirthing is, and more importantly, what if can do for your birth experience. You will be given tools and hypnosis sessions to help your mind and body prepare for the birth of your baby. Normally runs as 4 x 2 hour sessions but can adapt to suit your needs. Partners are encouraged to attend. I can travel to you (Cheshire based) so you can relax in the comfort of your own home. 

Mother and Baby
Expectant Couple

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Fancy a taster of some hypnobirthing relaxation methods? These 45 minute sessions are ideal for you to relax and unwind and allow your body to make that oxytocin (feel good hormone). 45 minute sessions. 

Hand on Bump

Online Hypnobirthing Sessions

Not based in Cheshire but still want to do hypnobirthing? Then I can provide online live courses that suit your needs! You will get access to online resources and be sent hypnobirthing audio files so you can still fully prepare for your upcoming birth. 

Expectant Couple
Bible Study Group

Group Hypnobirthing Sessions

My next set of 4 group sessions are taking place on Saturday's in October in Northwich, Cheshire.  The course covers the same content as a one to one session but allows you to meet other parents to be. Further information to follow. 

Support Group
No events at the moment

"I had a wonderful time and can't wait for more. Thank you for sharing your skills with us."

  • Sophie, second time mum(to be), first time hypnobirthing class attendee. 

Hypnobirthing replaces "uncertainty with knowledge" and "helps develop a sense of security and control, leading to a more positive birth experience"

  • Research study Uldel et al 2023

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